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download Be in Control of your Brand

Today's audiences talk. And their conversations matter, because what they say has the power to shift control of your brand reputation from your hands to theirs. The speed at which these discussions develop - especially via social media - challenges traditional communications models.


download Crisis Communications: You Can't Afford to be Anti-Social

In the age of social media, is your business equipped to manage a potential crisis?
download Aligning Your Teams for Stronger Communication

How to align your organization to maintain control of your brand and corporate reputation.
download 5 Essential Changes to the PR Cycle

An informative new whitepaper on the 5 essential changes to the PR Cycle offers important insight into how you can accurately monitor your brand in the marketplace and respond effectively to consumer and media needs and interests.
download The Evolving Uses of Social Media

Social media has evolved from a platform designed for personal interaction to a powerful business communications tool. Our latest white paper looks at how social media can benefit your organization and how you can make it work for you.
download Speed Kills - Tips for Managing Crisis in the Era of Social Media

Information on the web spreads faster and farther than ever before, and doesn't go away. Incorporating social media into your crisis response plan can help keep your organization out of trouble online.
download Continuous Measurement and Analysis

As a PR professional, you know the value of strategic planning and you know your success is judged by how well you connect with your stakeholders. You use multiple channels to reach your audiences because you have to be wherever people are engaging in conversation about your brand. While it's tougher to predict where reputational threats may come from in a multi-channel universe, you can use tools in real-time to enable continuous monitoring and measurement. This will give you the intelligence to analyze why and when to adjust your strategic communication plans.
download Top Five Reasons Why Smart Canadian Organizations use MediaVantage

The speed and reach of today's media conversations makes it more important than ever to effectively manage your brand, corporate reputation, media relations and stakeholder relationships. Consider the top five reasons why so many great brands have embraced the MediaVantage communications and stakeholder management software solution.

Customer Success Stories

download "We needed a solid foundation for our external communications plan going forward - policies, monitoring, training and outreach," says Brent Carey, Director of Communications for Mattamy Homes.

Brent realized that, as a privately-held firm and Canada's largest new home builder, Mattamy Homes needed a proactive and strategic communications strategy. "In the end, it was an easy decision to start using MediaVantage."
download “MediaVantage makes the world a little bit smaller.”
Bryan Tucker, Senior Advisor, Communications & External, Relations, Rio Tinto Alcan

“The sun never sets on Rio Tinto Alcan,” says Bryan Tucker, Senior Advisor, Communications and External Relations, Rio Tinto Alcan. “There is always something going on, so it's important for us to keep a close eye on the media and the web.”
download Before Kids Help Phone began using the MediaVantage platform, they had no formal process in place to monitor where and when they were being mentioned in the media.

“Because we're national, it was really difficult for us to keep track of where we were being mentioned in the media,” says Pascale Guillotte, Communications Manager at Kids Help Phone's national head office in Toronto.
download CGI uses a variety of monitoring tools to stay on top of its brand, including MediaVantage.

In addition to attracting top talent and shaping stakeholder relationships, reputation can enhance sales. In fact, it's estimated that 20 per cent of a company's sales can be attributed to reputation.